Indeed, after the letter addressed by the Lumumba’s children to the Belgian sovereign on last 30 June, at the time of the commemoration of the independence of DRC, letter in which, they asked for the remainders of their parent, the federal floor delivered a positive opinion for the restitution of the tooth of the congolese national hero.

It is pointed out that it is in 2000 that the opinion was informed of the existence of this tooth. It is a former Police chief of police force, named Gerard Soete, who first had revealed the existence of this tooth at the time of a judicial enquiry.

He had asserted, within the framework of this same investigation, to have proceeded, together with his police colleagues, to the cutting of the Lumumba’s body and his dissolution in the sulphuric acid. He highly asserted that he have kept the famous tooth, as a trophy. It is under seal at the clerk's office of the federal floor of Belgium.

Corneille Kinsala N’soki