The public place located beside the Teaching Higher Institute, ISP/Gombe, has welcomed for, a few days ago, a group of supposed vulnerable people in Kinshasa.

While waiting to see multiplying the charitable companies in terms of help to the people in situation of absolute vulnerability, of the women and children whose congolese News Agency shouted out yesterday on their state of life, especially hope that the official decision makers take as soon as possible the bull by the horns.

To find solutions of lodging or housing adapted to each one and especially to draw them from their state of abandonment from the society is their daily concern. They invite the authorities to be mobilized fully to meet their needs as well as possible.

Approached them, these women gave reasons which pushed them to be found at this place. One of them, being introduced under the first name of Ruth, answered: "I lived in my sister’s house with my children, at the beginning of containment and, as time was hard, this one hunted me with my children at the reason that she was not able any more to take care of me. And not knowing where to go, we occupied this place for lack of home ".

To feed their small families, she continued, "we are begging by targeting mainly some people and certain authorities who take this road.

Being the schooling of the children, this unfortunate pointed out that is impossible insofar as the conditions of precariousness of these women do not give them the chance to educate their offspring, before asking for the assistance near the people of goodwill to provide them elementary needs.

Corneille Kinsala N’soki