France is available to go with DRC in the Primary, Secondary and Technical Education area. It is what arises from the exchange on Thursday, October 8 between the ambassador of France in Rdc and the minister of State, Minister in charge of Secondary and Technical Primary Education.

François Pujolas affirmed that thanks to the bilateral co-operation between Kinshasa and Paris, France is determined to reinforce its support in the training area of the teachers and a project of creation of an Institute of training of the teachers and professors is even already in gestation.

The Boss of Epst, Willy Bakonga has on his side let know that the remote courses a teaching model which proved reliable for the school period of truce following pandemia of coronavirus could also be implemented in complement with the remarkable work which carries out Educ TV, channel set of themes of the ministry of Epst and soon Educ Fm in progress of creation.

Being one of the partners of DRC in the field of Education, France thus hopes to contribute a substantial share while taking part in all the stages of the reforms initiated by the ministry of Epst.

It is important to reveal that these exchanges intervened at a few days of the visit of the general Director of UNESCO in Kinshasa who insisted on the education of a young girl.

Corneille Kinsala N’soki