"The 2020-2021 school resuming on the way of uncertainties!", notes FORUM DES AS in spite of self-confidence on behalf of authorities. Indeed, the 2020-2021 school resuming in DR Congo indeed takes place this Monday October 12 on the whole of the country. Opinion of many observers, uncertainties planes on this resumption of the courses in the sector of Primary Secondary and Technical Education (EPST).

The first mortgage is ambient cacophony in the various organizations of defense of the interests of the teachers. Syeco and Synecat require the payment of NP and of NU, the schools expects the necessary materials to fight against Covid-19.

For the vice-minister of the EPST, Didier Budimbu, the teachers’ claims are certainly, legitimate. But they should not put the pressure on the government.

LE PHARE recalls the obligations of the religious confessions on the management of the schools of the State. The tabloid which issued an extract of the Convention signed between the State and the Catholic Church, announces that the congolese State remains the single owner of the public schools of which it ensures the payment of the teachers.

The religious catholic, Protestant, salutist, Kimbaguiste, Moslem and others confessions are only simple managers held to respect the terms of Convention.

L’AVENIR gives a report on the severe warning of Felix Tshisekedi about Minembwe. At the exit of the 52nd meeting of the Council of Ministers held under the supervision of Felix Tshisekedi, in the presence of the Prime Minister Ilunga Ilunkamba, the clear resolutions were taken for an execution without delay.

About the situation of current tension, particularly in Hauts-Plateaux, consecutive at the official establishment of the Minembwe rural district authorities, in the South-Kivu, the president of the Republic warned any person who would seek to torpedo for politicking handling aim this step only dictated by the only need for maintenance of social peace.

Corneille Kinsala N’soki