"Timid resumption of the courses yesterday in Kinshasa ". "It is on Monday that the pupils regained their way towards the school". Briskly announced, the school reopening proved to be timid. This report is that of the newspaper FORUM DES AS which proposes this title. At N’Djili, this newspaper reveals, the teachers were present whereas the pupils were absent. Around 8h50, it points out, the yard of the Lukaya school was deserted, and no pupils into the classrooms. Ten teachers are divided outside, waiting for the pupils who did not come in this first day.

Always about the school reopening, "the no payment of Teaching: the double game of Bakonga ", LE PHARE denounces.   Finally the sector of Primary, Secondary and Technical Teaching (EPST) are moving now with the reopening of the new school year concretized, as fixed in the 2020-2021 school calendar –yesterday Monday October 12 on the whole of the Democratic Republic of Congo, this newspaper reports.

This, this last continues, after a forced paralysis of all school and academic activities for seven months (from March to October 2020) imposed by the pandemia of Covid 2019. Incontestably human life above all considerations.

Questioned on the application of the no payment of Teaching during the school year which opens Cécile Tshiyombo, (ndrl SG of the Trade union of the teachers of Congo "Syeco") doubt of the real will of the minister Willy Bakonga, to make succeed this unhoped opportunity for congolese youth.

He specified that the minister, without taking account of the established standards and especially of the application of the no payment of Teaching, anarchically created "New educational provinces, New under divisions (or under educational provinces).

In its edition "At the price of the no payment", FORUM DES AS also proceeds to a denunciation while mentioning: "the no payment of teaching is expensive! Very expensive...

FORUM DES AS concludes while proposing this: "Then fault of having means for the no payment, better to make of no payment of his means".

"EPST: In reaction to the Cardinal Ambongo’s speech, Willy Bakonga opposed to any unconstitutional step", LA PROSPERITE mentions.  Reacting to the Cardinal’s speech on "the way of putting aside the no catholic teachers of the official catholic schools, Willy Bakonga recalled on Monday October 12, at Saint Raphaël College where he gave the kick off to the resumption of the courses, that the democratic Republic of Congo is a laic State and that there will be no question of interfering, of repealing or exceeding this law recognized on all the extent of the national territory, this newspaper points out.

In another article which carries the title:"the school reopening goes with the difficulties of public transport ", LA PROSPERITE described:"Early in the morning, one could see pupils in the streets of the capital. But beside this reopening, the difficulty of public transport becomes increasing ".

About the Head of State’s statement to establish his headquarters to Goma,  "the Fatshi’s promise to settle at Goma makes polemic on the social networks", according to FORUM DES AS.

Some congolese Net surfers qualify this statement of demagogic. Others think that it is only a simply promise, notes this newspaper which continues: "To take into account anything, the observers, following actor, French playwright and politician, Philippe Géricault, deduce that it is easier to criticize that to create and do something oneself.

Corneille Kinsala N’soki