Felix Tshisekedi received this Wednesday October 21, 2020, the oaths of three new constitutional judges at Palais du Peuple, in Kinshasa. These judges whose nomination took place on last 17 July, is always disputed by the camp of the former president Joseph Kabila. But in spite of this dispute, judges Kaluba Dibwa Dieudonné, proposed by the president of the Republic like Mrs. Kalume Yasengo Alphonse and Kamulete Badibanga Dieudonné, resulting from the quota of the higher Council of the magistrature, took the oath.

Ceremony without the president of the National Assembly-Jeanine Mabunda and the president of the Senate, Alexis Thambwe, but also without part of the government of which the Prime Minister, Sylvestre Ilunga.

Corneille Kinsala N’soki