The President of the Republic, Felix Antoine Tshisekedi Tshilombo, addresses this Friday to the congolese nation, confirms CONGOLESE NEWS AGENCY which quotes the temporary principal private secretary, Désiré Cashmir Kolongele Eberande, in an official statement issued on Wednesday, in the channel of congolese national television.

According to the source, the 54th meeting of the Council of Ministers scheduled the same day was postponed to unknown date.

"Felix maintains suspense", reveals AFRICA NEWS which estimates that all the surprise lies in the fact that the camp of the head of State would like to put an end to FCC-CACH coalition, an option that already rejected in the past, evoking the political crisis which would not benefit the country. During this time, AFRICA NEWS continues, the general Police chief of the police force warns his men.

Another triweekly, CONGO NOUVEAU let know, does not reject the assumption according to which the president of the Republic could announce the divorce between FCC and CACH which forms the coalition in the power. "At the time of his travel to Brazzaville, he had reaffirmed his attachment to his alliance with his predecessor Joseph Kabila but the humiliation undergone on Wednesday at People Palace would have changed his opinion. Present in the Congress room of the People Palace, the members of UDPS commonly called “Les combatants” have, like only one man, claimed the rupture between FCC and CACH. Will Fatshi cross Rubicon?", this newspaper questions

"Fatshi, not to burn the house!", begs FORUM DES AS which thinks that to dissolve the National Assembly is difficult for, at the same time, political, technical and financial reasons.

Guarantor of national cohesion, the head of State should reassure rather than to be involved in the quarrel, the daily newspaper of Limete 11eme Rue advises, it invites the president of the Republic to draw from wisdom and moderation to safeguard the assets of national cohesion and safety. " For that, Fatshi should rather reassure while turning the back on the quarrelsome options which the extremists of his camp suggest to him. Not only. The President should thus privilege the conciliation, the dialogue, rather than the showdown. He should especially take care not to burn the common house. To the risk that fire consumes… everyone ".

L’AVENIR thinks that the head of State can also express on social problems, to challenge the government, by requiring him more action. "Nothing promises on the ground. Poverty goes increasing, the problem of water and electricity become more and more serious. Tears and squeaking of teeth are visible, with the great satisfying of the political community ", our newspaper reports.

LA PROSPERITE mentions that "the FCC does not recognize the three new constitutional judges!" In a new declaration, the tabloid points out, FCC said ready to implement all to bar the road to any step tending to destabilize the institutions in DRC, to resort to all the legal ways, for the absolute respect of the Constitution.

Corneille Kinsala N’soki