A meeting joining together the authorities and those of Rwanda was organized Monday November 2 in Goma in the Province of North Kivu in margin of the opening of the borders between the DRC and Rwanda.

They are in particular the governors North-Kivu, Carly Nzanzu Kasivita, and of the province of the West of Rwanda, Alphonse Munyentwali.

During this meeting, it was a question of studying the possibilities in order to facilitate the entry of the pupils, students, teachers and doctors living in their respective territories, to adopt the measures to fight against the pandemia of Covid-19.

Thus the two parts have decide to sensitize their respective communities against the clandestine crossings and the respect of barriers measures against the covid-19 and to continue to facilitate the transferring of the patients.

The principal private secretary of the governor of North-Kivu Mr. Jean-Paul Maregane specified that only the passports and free pass are allowed like travel documents during this covid-19 moment.

Some problems were raised about the movement of people working on both sides of the border, the transborder small shopkeepers.

Corneille Kinsala N’soki