" FCC-CACH CRISIS: Felix Tshisekedi - Joseph Kabila in diplomatic war ", FORUM DES AS mentions.

Nothing any more goes in the connection between the president of the Republic, Felix Tshisekedi, and his predecessor, Joseph Kabila, notes this newspaper which considers that "the two partners of the historical alternation occurred in Republic of Congo at the end of presidential of December 30 2018 are not in good term".

For this daily newspaper, "the service of oath of three judges of the Constitutional Court is without any doubt the water drop which made overflow the muds".

To draw cloths on its side, the two camps have just launched the hostilities on the diplomatic level. The week which is completed, Felix Tshisekedi sent his emissary under the supervision of his private adviser, Fortuna Biselele in Egypt and Rwanda to convince the Egyptian president, Al-Sisi and the Rwandan of his step to implement the Sacred Union for the Nation at the end of his consultations with the political and the representative of social forces.

On his side, Joseph Kabila comes to launch a diplomatic offensive to defend the respect of the agreement concluded with the current Head of State, FORUM DES AS mentioned.

Consulted yesterday by Felix Tshisekedi, Denis Mukwege: "the coalition cannot be a species of oasis where criminals hide"- this title is also of FORUM DES SAS

Without quoting names, it continues, Dénis Mukwege insinuates that those who committed blood and war crimes, economic crime and humanity "occupy the strategic stations within the institutions of the Republic and are also influential members of the coalition which jointly manages the country".

In front of Felix Tshisekedi who received it yesterday Monday November 9, at Palais de la Nation, Denis Mukwege was not obliging, according to this tabloid which stresses that "the famous repairer of the women" requested of the Head of State the end of impunity, "which blocks the takeoff of the DRC".

Always on this subject, FORUM DES AS report: "bishops of the CENCO to FATSHI:
 The social one first!"

"No political compromise can be above the requirement, for the political power, all to implement in order to ensure the wellbeing of the population", support the catholic prelates, received yesterday within the framework of the national consultations initiated by the Head of State "…

LA PROSPERITE reports: "Against the recombining of the parliamentary majority: the FCC holds up the card of the anticipated general elections ".

The FCC, it wrote, remained open to the dialogue with the Head of State, but rather within the framework of the structures and mechanisms planned by the Agreement of coalition ", explaining in addition that" It is the position of the platform of the former president Joseph Kabila, on the Consultations undertaken for now a week by Felix Tshisekedi with an aim of forming a Sacred Union of the Nation ".Indeed, announces moreover this newspaper, the Conference of the Presidents of the Regroupings and political Parties, extended to the presidents of the parliamentary and political groups of the FCC, met from 6 to last 8 November at N’sele, remain on the Agreement of coalition which binds them with ACH.

"After the meeting of FCC: Always faithful to Kabila, Afdc-a supports all the resolutions ", L’AVENIR reveals. After the second meeting of FCC, the Alliance of the democratic forces of Congo (Afdc-a) made the restitution of the meetings to the press and the deputies and senators members of the regrouping.

Revealing of what had been said and decided at Safari Beach, the persons in charge of Afdc-a enumerated the points of divergence between their platform and the CACH. They say they didn’t rape the constitution and the Agreement ", this newspaper reports.

"Consultations vs Retirement: the dialogue is needed !", LA PROSPERITY exclaims.

“We are waiting until at the end of these consultations, the Head of State convenes the dialogue with the leaders of the Nation, either in the form of the sovereign national Conference, or in the form of the negotiations of the Interdiocesan Center.

Together, without pressure neither injunction on behalf of outside, without cheating nor politicking trick, we must put the bases of new Congo, the nation-leader of the continent-cradle and safe of humanity, the country which must carry the torch of the civilization of the love, the reign of God, declares the Committee of Plea for the Dialogue, reports this newspaper quoting this last structure.

Corneille Kinsala N’soki