On On this occasion, the spokesman of the FARDC recalled that the DRC Army Forces are apolitical, national, republican and form an inseparable whole, a body well oiled devoted to the stability and the safety of the country. He supported that for their operation, the FARDC receive various financial, logistic, technical and structural allowances, adapted and consequent for successes of the operations through the transparent management of human and material resources continuously resolved in a stopped way.

The major general Leon Richard Kasonga affirmed that the authors of the calls to the revolt of the soldiers in the social networks failed and their hubbub will not pass.

Being about the question of the displacement of the headquarters of the FARDC, he explained that it is for a long time that this displacement was imposed with regards of outdated building currently sheltering the headquarters and on the unceasingly crescent number of the executives which work there. Work for the construction of new headquarters will start from here the beginning of the next year in a site of which he did not want to reveal it.

Corneille Kinsala N’soki