"The DRC-Angola military Co-operation: the air drills this Friday in Kinshasa", FORUM DES AS announced. This newspaper reported that the communication of the spokesman of the army, points out that Fardc invite the population to be calmed and require him to freely be occupied with her occupations.

Fighters of the democratic Republic of Congo and those of the Republic of Angola will fly over the sky of Kinshasa, before landing at the international airport of N’djili, this Friday November 20. General Leon Richard Kasonga who announced this news during a conference press yesterday Thursday to the Armey Forces staff of DRC (FARDC), specified that these air military operations will not disturb quietude in the capital.

Quietude is, on the other hand, disturbed with PALU, after the congress of a wing at Nganda center having led to the nomination of Willy Makiashi as permanent secretary of the party. LA PROSPERITE mentions that "the seniors and militants make block around Dorothée Gizenga".

Learning the lessons of separation which allowed the unhappy duplication of the political parties in DR Congo, the daily newspaper reveals, the executives and militants of “Parti Lumumbiste Unifié’’, joined together around Dorothée Gizenga, yesterday in Limete launch a vibrating call to everybody in order to counter all separatist inclinations and to work for the maintenance of the unit of the party.

On On this same occasion, the tabloid continues, they require of Joseph Kabila Kabange, Moral Authority of the FCC, not to recognize the meetings nor the conclusions which resulted from it, to avoid the partition of Palu. According to their opinion, only an inclusive, independent, right, democratic, respectful congress of the vision of the founder fathers and which would offer to everyone the same chances constitutes the only statutory framework to settle various problems with which the party is confronted.

"Sele Yalaghuli pays on good date", mentions AFRICA NEWS specifying that the army, the police force and Secope-Kinshasa touched the wages of November. The newspaper reports that to anticipate over the rumour and the laboratories of production of fakenews, the cabinet of the Minister of Finance decided to regularly informed the opinion about the process of the monthly pay of the agents and civils servant of the State. The newspaper adds that the process of execution of the pay for October took place in accordance with the stopped programming and finalized at current 14 November.

Meanwhile, GEOPOLIS HEBDO warns:"Attention, Ebola goes away whenever Corona returns back". This, in a context where one announces the second wave of contamination of the disease with Covid-19 which is pointed out on the European continent with direct effects on the other countries of the African continent of which the democratic Republic of Congo.

According to GEOPOLIS HEBDO, the congolese population which celebrated the end of the epidemic of Ebola, is invited to continue observing all the epic barriers enacted by the medical authorities on the whole of the national territory in order to bar the road to this second wave of contamination which is already announced.

Corneille Kinsala N’soki