"Three weeks after, the consultations ended", L’AVENIR mentions. During three weeks, the tabloid mentions, the president of the Republic Felix-Antoine TshisekediTshilombo, assisted the members of the ad hoc technical Secretariat, exchanged with his interlocutors and received various memos addressed to him by some and others. After this step, the president of the Republic will give himself a reasonable time to compile various suggestions which were made to him before making decisions which are essential.

Among the consulted people, it is also in good place the delegation of the deputies of the FCC of the province of North-Kivu, led by honourable Jeanette Kavira Mapera, the tabloid specifies.

On the same subject, LA PROSPERITE evokes great decisions to be expected on behalf of Head of State, after a retreat. « Republican and inclusive step- New vision turned towards the search for the solutions to the truths problems of Congolese people. Felix Tshisekedi, on this steep way, was there ", the newspaper reveals.

And to continue:"Since last 23 October, the day when he decided there, indeed, was put at the listening of all, except his principal allies of the FCC which, them, are shown, at the same time, grumpy and chilly facing this political prospect tending to refresh the contents of the agreement of the coalition of management and to destroy the current institutional arsenal", the newspaper writes.

FORUM DES AS comes back on the repercussions of the sentence of the Council of State and reports:  "Dismissal of Mabunda:  Fabrice Puela plays and loses ".  Stating qualified to decide on this business, the administrative judge estimates that the action of Matadi’s deputy was not directed against an administrative decision, reveals the newspaper which points out that, for its part, the representative Géneviève Inagosi supports that the applicant exposes himself to sanctions planned by the rules of procedure of the Lower House of the Parliament.

"As if they knew it before, requiring Fabrice Puela and his councils were absent into the courtroom filled up of national deputies of FCC… Convinced of the incompetence of the Council of State to rule on a litigation touching with the Rules of procedure of the Room, this lawyer (Puela) promises to thoroughly analyze this order to appreciate the relevance of the motivation of the judge and to draw the conclusions from them "the newspaper writes.

"Jean Kimbembe Mazunga into Makala", announces in addition, FORUM DES AS. Justice put the hand on the ex-adviser of president Joseph Kabila and former administrative of the congolese Company of Transport and Ports (SCTP, ex-Onatra). It is reproached to him the use of forgery in writing and diversion of 6 million dollars not justified during his management within the SCTP, specifies the newspaper which promises to return with details on this file.

Corneille Kinsala N’soki