The Coordinator of Dynamics for the exit of crisis (Dysoc) decided to speak against the convocation of the Prime Minister to the National Assembly by the office of age.

"According to Lisanga Bonganga no article of the constitution, no law even less no provision of the rules of procedure of the National Assembly provides that the Prime Minister, head of the government can appear before an office of age, more especially as it is under the presidency of a final office that this one and his government was invested".

The mission of the office of age is strictly limited to the organization of the poll for the installation of the final office.

Lisanga Bonganga invites Sylvestre Ilunga not to answer the invitation because it is a constitutional law, it is guaranteed in its article 28 which grants the power to any congolese citizen not to carry out an obviously illegal order.

Namely that nearly 307 deputies out of 500 signed a motion of censure against the Ilunga Ilunkamba government.

As matter of fact, the Prime Minister is expected to answer in particular the objections related to his mismanagement.

Corneille Kinsala N’soki