The democratic Republic of Congo will meet Cameroon this Saturday January 30 in quarterfinal of the Championship of Africa of Nations (CHAN 2020).

In the history, the two nations met twice at the time of the final phases of the Championship of Africa of the Nations. And each time, it is Cameroonian which took the top. The first time, it was in 2011 at the time of the Sudanese CHAN (2-0). The second time, in 2016 in Rwanda (3-0)- At each time it was at the time of the phase of groups.

Will the history be repeated this Saturday in quarterfinals? For the national selector, Jean-Florent Ibenge who has been just cured of Covid-19, it is not question that his team "leaves its chance to anyone even if it is the organizing country". "If one must fall, that one falls the weapons to the hand", he underlines.

For the forward centre Fiston Mayele, the DRC is accustomed to beating the organizing countries before winning the cup. Indeed in 2016, the Leopards had eliminated Rwandan Amavubis in their CHAN at the same stadium of the competition, before finishing victoriousof competition.

But Cameroonians do not want to leave at once their competition, although they are presented in front of a strong team full of titles in this competition reserved to the local players.

On paper, the DRC goes with some favours forecasts, considering its service in phase of group (1st in B group with 7 points whereas Cameroonians finished 2nd in A group with 5 points) and also its experience in this competition.

Corneille Kinsala N’soki