The president of the FIFA will stay in Kinshasa as from this Saturday February 20. In the congolese capital, Gianni Infatino will open his stay with a meeting with the president of the Republic, Felix-Antoine Tshisekedi.

Last week, the two men had conferred in videoconference, evoking several projects of development of football in Africa, in particular a school project of football whose pilot phase must take place in DRC.

Nicolas Kazadi, roving ambassador of DRC, had officially given a message of the president of the Republic to Gianni Infatino in Doha where he took part in the World cup of the clubs.

Sunday January 21, Gianni Infatinova throw officially work of widening of the Kurara Mpova center, in the periphery East of Kinshasa. Before this ceremony, he will have to visit the seat of the congolese Federation of football association (FECOFA), then one of the grounds stabilized by the FIFA to Kasa-Vubu/Assossa.

It is about midday that he will take his plane at the airport of N’djili for his return.

This Friday, he stays in Brazzaville where joined him the president of the FECOFA and member of the executive committee of the FIFA, Constant Omari.

Corneille Kinsala N’soki